The rise in anti-Muslim violence and discrimination has left deep scars on our society. But amidst these challenges, a glimmer of hope shines—a chance to empower our youth to rise above the obstacles they face.

Education is that beacon of hope. However, it’s disheartening to see our community’s children being deprived of education due to bans on hijabs in some states, exacerbating the issue with political and economic disparities.


Your contribution will pave the way for a brighter future, ensuring Muslim youth access to quality education and fostering leaders who will empower their communities.

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Institution Development Plan:

In 2024, we will insha’allah secure a prime piece of land for our school with an investment of INR 11 Crore (~USD 1317450.20). Our budget for the entire project is $3 million, covering land, construction, equipment, and more.

School Amenities:

  • 3 School Buildings
  • 1 Central Library
  • Al Aqsa Mosque

These facilities will cost approximately INR 250,000,000.00. While we’ve made progress, we need your support to reach our goal.

This project promises a profound impact on our Muslim communities and society at large. By supporting us, you’re investing in a brighter future, ensuring young Muslims access quality education, and fostering leaders who will enrich their community.

To turn this dream into reality, we need your support.

 A Lack of Education Leads
to a Cycle of Poverty

In a world where education is the cornerstone of individual growth, societal development, and national progress, we stand at a critical juncture. Education is not just a means; it’s the ultimate path to a better life. It empowers individuals to secure their livelihoods, contributes to their well-being, and strengthens communities. However, in India, a significant challenge looms large: a staggering 52% of India’s Muslim population lacks basic literacy skills.

This literacy gap is intertwined with the web of poverty, plaguing nearly one-third of India’s vast population. Poverty brings with it a host of problems—poor health, inadequate sanitation, limited access to quality education, unemployment, and malnutrition—all contributing to a cycle of despair. Amidst this, the Muslim community, one of the world’s fastest-growing, faces barriers to accessing quality education.

Existing institutions often lack the resources and infrastructure to provide holistic education that preserves Islamic values and principles. This disconnect between education and cultural identity leaves many young Muslims feeling marginalized and disengaged from their community. Some children lack even the basic resources like books or uniforms, setting them up to fall behind and never catch up. Youth drop out of school to support their families, and schools remain understaffed, failing to provide adequate education.

The absence of education exacerbates the risk of involvement in risky behaviors, deepening the cycle of poverty. Our mission is clear: we aim to break this cycle and open doors of opportunity.

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Our passionate vision, rooted in Islamic principles, aims not only to educate but also to instill vital skills, social support, and a sense of hope.


The Al Aqsa Educational Institute will follow a comprehensive curriculum based on Islamic principles, catering from early childhood to post-secondary learning, much like the esteemed Aligarh Muslim University. Its managing committee will include retired and ex-civil servants dedicated to shaping a better future for our community.


Our school will be a sanctuary for learning and growth, equipped with modern technology. Our methodology is robust, focusing on Islamic principles, modern facilities, qualified staff, diverse programs, and local partnerships for real-world learning. By the end of 2024, with an investment of INR 11 crores, we aim to acquire approximately 8 to 10 acres of land for our school. The total project cost is $3 million or 25 crore rupees, covering land, building construction, and all necessary facilities.


Our school amenities include three buildings—a primary school building for nursery to class 5 for both boys and girls, a separate boys' section for classes 6 to 12, and a girls' section for classes 6 to 12, along with a food court, sports hall, laboratories, central library, and more. The institute will also feature a mosque. (The design is inspired by renowned architects from Egypt and Turkey.)

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Al Aqsa University, Ajmer

The Salahuddin Ayubi Foundation envisions a future where Muslims are armed with youthful knowledge, faith, and a strong moral compass. Our mission is to bridge the educational gap and create a breed of leaders who will bring progress to Muslim’s brotherhood.

Salahuddin Ayubi Foundation will create an educational institution like the famous Aligarh Muslim University, which will nurture ideas that have a positive impact on Muslims. Our mission is to identify the unused salahiyat in communities and to teach them how to live better.

Al Aqsa University will follow a holistic curriculum that is deeply rooted in the principles of Islam, early childhood education, post-secondary learning, and adult education, a hope for our community like Aligarh Muslim University. the Managing Committee will consist of retired and ex-civil servants from the Muslim Community who will help the Board in taking the best decisions for the betterment of the community.

Ajmer, the heart of Rajasthan and the heart of western Hindustan, is a world full of stars and spirituality. This is a city which is home to Sufi Saints, a place where the soul finds peace. The existence of Al Aqsa University is not just an embodiment of a strategy but is considered a tribute to a city that has always been a gateway to knowledge and our future.

You Can donate any amount, big or small, that brings Al Aqsa University closer to reality. To donate to Salahuddin Ayubi Foundation, Click on Donate Button and be a part of the bright future of Muslim youth in India. At the same time, through education and creating wisdom, we can create a more democratic and justice-loving society. Come share this page and video, spread this message, and let’s reclaim the lost heritage of Muslims.

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